St. Louis Home Healthcare

A Hard Act To Follow is the premier home health care provider in the St. Louis area.  Our specialization is that we cater to people with disabilities.

Looking for a great provider?

A Hard Act to Follow believes in the highest quality care for their clients and patients and to also give them seamless support.

How we define Home Health Care:
We believe successful home health care occurs when your emotions are satisfied, your self- esteem is high, and you’re living as independently as possible at your own pace; that’s how we define successful home health care. At A Hard Act to Follow, your needs come first. We'll ask  you a series of questions and then listen so we're able to place the best possible caregivers suited to your needs and independence. You'll find a match to your personality and your goals. And, we'll keep working with you every step of the way so that you achieve your personal home health care goals.