Are you a patriot, or are you a nationalist? Meaning that you would join the military, or the police force, at some point in time in your life,? This is great, and we love our military and our officers, but if you work two years or less in the military your pay is $1681.00 a month. If you do this for 40 hours year-round, this is roughly $14 an hour. If you work for the police for 40 hours, year round, your pay would be $16.80 an hour. This is great, but I believe that this may be a little stressful for you or your loved ones on a daily basis for you to bring home a check to support all of your needs. A Hard Act to Follow would love to recruit you for a cause/tradition that goes back to the beginning of time, which is taking care of our senior citizens. If you’re the type that loves seeing someone improve, and helping them make a difference in their day-to-day life, A Hard Act to Follow would love to recruit you.

There’s 4 ways to work for A Hard Act to Follow: the first one is to be a volunteer in training to be a professional, just like in the military, you don’t become a Green Beret overnight. A Hard Act to follow isn’t for just any old volunteer, but it's for a volunteer that is diligent, has fortitude, and most importantly, has compassion. How do we find such a volunteer? Through surveys. Also, volunteers must attend their mandatory, monthly sensitive training/bedside manner seminar. All employees will be picked from the volunteer pool.

Once you become an employee, you have three ways of getting paid: if making all the money you can is your motive of working, we have a plan for that. If you have insurance, you might not get the highest pay, but you will get hourly pay with benefits. If you are the type of person who would like to work somewhat part time, but would like some personal time off (PTO), we have a plan for that as well.

Where would you get your volunteers?

A Hard Act to Follow understands that the volunteer that we need is not just laying around on the street corner, waiting to be picked up. A Hard Act to Follow will try to partner with the following: Washington University Medical School, Forest Park Nursing School, or any school that deals with home healthcare, as we’re looking for people who are interested in completing their dissertations with a home healthcare organization. Once they complete their dissertations for A Hard Act to Follow, they will be trained on sensibility in the following areas:

  • People who have a disability–no band-aid addresses all disabilities
  • How to communicate with people who are scared to speak up for themselves–non verbal awareness/communication
  • Bedside manners–being inspirational, motivating someone’s morning to be better than yesterday, from one moment to the next We understand that compassion isn’t necessarily taught, but we are seeking people with this trait.


Within two years of A Hard Act to Follow’s founding, we will create a foundation with
Washington University and Forest Park under a brotherhood, where I will not only be teaching
my volunteers, but also anyone enrolled in a medical program. A Hard Act to Follow will also be
looking for donations and grants to subsidize clients that have too much money to qualify for
Medicaid (spin down), as well as those people who cannot afford our service. We’ll be giving our
grants to some people. We acknowledge we can’t help everyone, but with your involvement,
you, as well as A Hard Act to Follow, can make a difference in this world.